Since you are expecting a baby, its high time you revise your diet plan replacing some unhealthy meals with some great healthy ones, as whatever you feed, it will serve the core source of required nutrients your baby need to grow!

During this process, you will need a diet enriched with calcium and protein for your little one’s bones and tissues. Folic acid, is also needed the most in order to protect your baby against some birth defects related to neural rube, plus you will be needing iron for the red blood cell to carry oxygen right to the baby. In this article you will learn some really interesting facts regarding what is best for you right now, and what must be avoided at this stage, lets have a look:


Whole grain enriched cereals and breads are actually fortified with iron and folic acid and comparatively have a higher amount of fiber than rice and white bread. Go for Oatmeal for your breakfast, sandwich prepared with a whole-grain bread for your lunch, and for dinner, opt brown rice or whole-wheat for a healthy diet!


Black beans, pinto beans, white beans, lentils, kidney and soy beans must be a part of your daily diet these days. Add them in salads, soups or pasta dishes or whatever way you feel you can easily consume, beans are enriched with the core nutrients example calcium, zinc iron and folate.


Omega 3 are very good for your little one’s eyes and brain and hence, salmon is a good source of Omega 3. Furthermore it gives B vitamins and proteins. Salmon is comparatively less in mercury than the other fish. You can boil, grill or add it in your salad. Consuming 12 ounces a week is a better idea.


Eggs are a great source for proteins that gives the necessary amino acids to your baby and even to you. Eggs are enriched with a lot of minerals and vitamins, including choline that is particularly good for the development of your baby’s brain. However raw or undercooked eggs should be strictly garcinia


A cup of low-fat and plain yogurt is ideal for calcium purpose. It is enriched with proteins, and free of added sugars in case of flavored yogurts.


Orange, apple, banana, pear, all in all, fruits must be your best friend this time. Try to intake fruits that are fresh, and avoid the tin packed fruits as they contain some ingredients to preserve the fruits long.

Few things you must avoid are:

Avoid drinking soda, as they are loaded with artificial sugar and calories; replace it with excessive water, low-fat milk or fresh juices. Avoid fizzy cold drinks as well.Frozen meals are something that needs to be avoiding the most this time, as they have excessive amount of fat and salt which are not at all favorable for you at this point. Instead seek some organic brands low in fat and salt.

Well these were few guides for you, enjoy eating, and enjoy this lovely experience of Motherhood!